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Sunday, August 1, 2010

All In the Name of Physicals..

Yesterday was such a busy day!

Nathaniel had his kindergarten physical. He was so excited about it all. He starts Kindergarten and is so ready to go to school and play.
He was weighed in at 45 pounds and 6 ounces, and his height was 44 inches. He has just grown so fast on me. They checked his vitals too. His doctor came in and was really nice. The doc let him try to hear his heart beat. He put on the stethoscope but the ear pieces were to big so he couldn't hear anything. He sure did look cute wearing it all-ha!
After his appointment we went over to get his shots. He was ready, he wasn't scared anymore. I know he could do this so off we went.
We got to the area and I filled out the paper for his records. We get called in and so there we all are. Three of my sons, my husband and myself. He's so happy. There I was taking his pictures and he was just smiling away-ha! The nurse tells me he needs 4 shots. I knew this, it's kindergarten. So she gets all the shots ready to go. He was still fine. So there,everything ready to go. He was sitting there like a big boy and then she said, " Let's roll up his short so I can get to his thighs".
That's not what he wanted to hear. He cried out no and said "I want it in my arms"! So i said ok. He use to be fine with shots. He let out the cry but was fine. Well then he got the flu shot and the lady was a bitch and wanted me to hold him down. Now I have never had to hold his down for a shot so they screwed things up. After that he's been scared and it's because he doesn't want or like being held down.
So he sat there and took the first two shots in his left arm and let out his cry. Well we were going to his right arm and he cried out, "No we're done now, I don't want anymore". So cute and so sad at the same time-ha! I told him we had to do the other arm and he cried, so I held him against me and he just cried and watched. My poor baby. I felt bad for him but I understand his fears. after it was done he stopped crying like within a minute or two and the nurse asked me if he could have a lolly pop and I told her yes and of course that just cured everything-lol!

After he was done it was Immanuel's turn. A month late might I add. He was only late cause he didn't need shots, just a check up. So there he was, weighing in at 18 pounds and 3 ounces and 28 inches and 1/16 of an inch long! He's such a big boy. His Doctor is so awesome. He said I could let him start with the baby finger foods-ha! I was all really.. I knew I could, I am just taking my time with him. No need to rush-ha! But i got him these little yogurt melts and he loves them! So does Alli-ha!
So here we have it. Both of my baby boys are growing just fine and are healthy as can be. It's an awesome thing!