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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And So It Begins....

My sweet 13 1/2 yr old daughter has a, dare I say it....Boy friend.

Yes it has come to that moment where we are all quite aware that boys, although they have cooties, are a hot topic. Well so far he seems to be a nice young man, but regardless she is my daughter and she will be heavily guarded by big brothers, cousins, Uncles and yes, DADDY!

I have been good about having talks with her about the no touch zone-lol! He can't touch anything from the neck to below the knees. And someone (grown family member) is always with her! I took her with me when I gave birth to my youngest son. She wasn't a fan of that, but I wanted her to see it wasn't all fun and games. I constantly remind her of self control and behavior and just pray that I have gotten through to her and she remains a virgin till marriage!

Scared? Hell yes! I just want her to stay my little girl. I am not ready for this and well her dad is really having issues with this. But he let our oldest have a girlfriend and the same age when I was against it and well that set the age trend. I still talk to her, like daily. She is a beautiful young girl and I always remind her that in general boys want one thing. I just want her to be safe and I will do what it takes to keep her that way.

So here I am praying she behaves like a young lady and that I have raised her well. I don't want to screw up. This is my little girls life and I just want to keep her safe. If there are any extra suggestions, they are so welcomed!!