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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well it's been a while-lol!

Yes life always takes that unexpected turn and then there goes all of your free time to write a blog-lol.

It's been a testy deployment for us. Normally our deployments are quiet but this deployment has been very eventful!

We had quite a few break ins in our neighborhood. It wasn't a comfy feeling being home with the kids and husband away. They did catch 1 of the crooks. Turned out to be our neighbors 12 yrs old son. I was blown away. I knew this kid was a pain in the ass but damn. He was responsible for I think they said 3 of the houses that were robbed. Last I heard they had a person of interest so who knows. But we haven't had any problems in the neighborhood.

Then across town there was a drive by shooting. Thankfully it was no where near us. But the next shooting was kind of just behind our neighborhood. They shut down everything around there. Then they had a suspect that they were searching for. Like crazy searching for. They set up road check points, checking everyones ID's. I know this cause one night I was picking DJ  from school. As I was coming up to the neighborhood I saw a bunch of cops in the road and I couldn't tell what was going on. I wasn't sure if something happened at the soccer field or in our neighborhood. So I slowed down to try and see what was going on. So there I am driving really slow....lol, as i slowly turn into the neighborhood I stop then go again. Then I kind of, ok I did turn around to see what was going on. I sat there at the sign and looked at what was going on and saw them checking the plates of cars and thought ok it's just a drunk check. So I turned back aroun into the neighborhood to go home..lol...Well I guess the cops saw me do this and chased me in, I had one cop behind me and another to myleft side. They like hauled ass on me too-lmao!!  The one cop stays behind me and the other comes up to me and asks me what I was doing.. I replied I was being nosey-lol! That I wanted to see if there was something going on in my neighborhood. He asked where I lived and I told him. the other cop asked what was going on and he says to him," she said she's being nosey". They laugh, then he says... "she says she lives here but she has a VA drivers liscence." I then tell him where Ilive and told him he could say hell to my 7 kids that were in the house-lol! I showed him my check book with my address and he looked at the other cop and laughed and said "she's fine-lol". DJ laughed his butt off at me! Ok it was really funny-lol!
A few nights later, again picking up DJ....another check point.lol. So there we are and I say hello and he asked how I was doing I said I wasn't driving suspiciously-lol. I began to tell him what happened and he busted out laughing....That was you??!!! Ya so everybody at the police dept. knows-lol!

So far we have celebrated 2 of the kids birthdays, Easter, Kyle's Confirmation and Vikktorria's First Holy communion. We still have Memorial Day, Missi's 8th grade promotion, Kyle's going to leadership camp, 4th of July.... Not to mention all the ins and outs and kids arguing over one thing or another. I am one tired mama..lol!