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Sunday, February 5, 2012

D.J. Goes To His Ship...

So last week my son left to meet his ship. Yes I cried...I miss my boy. He was so excited and happy to finally be leaving for his ship. All of the kids are missing their big brother too.
We all went to the base to spend time with him at the air port. I actually met him at TPU as they were all loading up then lucky me, I got to take him and another guy to the air port since they ran out of room in the vans. I was happy to have my baby with me.

Shortly after we got to the air port Jamie and the kids arrived. I was glad that they got there when they did. I didn't want us to miss any time with D.J.
So there we are, all of us with him waiting. It was actually a really long wait. HAHA. I was glad but felt bad for the little ones because they were getting really tired. They all had a good time together hanging out in the air port and playing. near the end we discovered there was a play room there. Jamie took the little ones to play but then it was getting pretty full so then all the little ones came back to play with big brother.
 Getting copies of his orders. Sad moment for me but proud at the same time.

Kyle and D.J. playing around as always-ha!

The girls (Marrissa, Alleynna,Vikktorria and Gabbriella) with their big brother. They miss him bunches.

The long wait began. It was fine till it started to get dark. Then when it was time to get on a bunch of other Sailor showed up late so that held up the flight another hour. I was glad but again the little ones were hungry and tired. So they finally began calling for everyone to board. I was really sad. had to hug my baby twice and I didn't want to let go of him either. I am so proud of him and can't wait to hear from him. It's been 5 days and I have still not heard from him. No telling if he's on the ship yet but I know how it goes and I will continue to wait for his email or call and pray that he is safe out there and doing the best that he can.