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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Missing my Son

Oh my, It's been too long.

So much has happened and I just don't know where to begin.

Well my oldest son is enjoying his deployment. He said it's hard work but he loves it. He has been working on all of his qual's and standing plenty of watches and he loves what he's doing out there. Thankfully he calls home very often. I love being able to hear his voice. I miss him so much. They have extended his deployment 2 times.

Now having said all of that we are up for orders. So that means a move is in our future. I'm torn. I am so torn up about moving this time for two reasons.
1. We wanted shore duty in North VA. This way we were going home and would be with family. Not happening. We are going cross country.
2. We wanted to be near our son. Now we will be opposite sides of the country.

I love moving. It's like a fresh start every time. New places, new people....New everything. Plus we are so use to it. This is the one place I and the kids have lived for this long. It's time for a change. Thankfully we got orders to a nice place and it will help hubby's career as well.

I hate that my son will be here and not with us. I know he's a grown man. I know it's time to "cut the cord". He's my oldest son/child but always my baby. I am going to worry about him so much. But I have faith that he will continue to grow and do great things even though I am not going to be able to physically hold his hand like I totally would like to-lol!

He's missing home and all of his little brothers and sisters. He spends money like a girl-lol! But he's doing better. We've sent out 4 packages so far and he loved them. I have another one going out this week. Full of dark chocolates. Yes I miss my baby! He's such a good boy.

This is a part of our military life. You say hello and see you later. But regardless I love this life.