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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting the cars ready.

The not so fun part about moving is that all of the cars need to be ready. When you have 3 cars that equals lots of money. Not fun to shell out-lol!

So tonight we had to put tires on the Suburban (a vehicle that sat for 5 yrs, no joke) and the Saturn....$800 later...HUH :(
Then we had to get brakes, drums, pads and rotters for the Suburban (I think that's what they were)....And $300 later.... :(
We replaced the gas tank and fuel pump in the Suburban, ugh! But now it runs like a dream....So I've been told-lol! I really can't wait to drive it :)
I was going to get seat covers but he refuses to let me get the black ones that say FORD on it-LOL!!! So I have to keep shopping around.

Now we have to change the oil and filters in all the vehicles and whatever else it is before you make a long drive. OH, when I say WE I actually mean HE-lol!

I can't believe we are so close to being out of here, YAY!!!

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