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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone?

I have been so busy and it seems like every time I say I'm coming on here I forget what I am doing and then log off my laptop..lol!

Well we are at the last leg of my sons deployment. I am so happy and ready for him to come home.

Yes, that's his ship..The USS Abraham Lincoln and some awesome planes above. He is having a great time out there. He loves it and I am so glad. He did have some moments where he was just flat out tired from all of the work. But he pushed on and did what needed to be done. He makes me so proud. He misses home and all of us here miss him too!

He was lucky enough to see places that not many can say they saw. I just hope he took lots of pictures for his memories and well for me-haha!!

He missed a lot.. Birthday's, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, the other holidays. But he did get to call home. I loved that he called as much as he could. I could always hear how he felt in his voice. It made me sad a couple of times when he called tired and I'd think he was upset. He would reassure me that he was just tired and hadn't gotten much sleep due to his watches and well his job. Proud I tell you!

Well now we will get to make up for all of the missed time :)  I can't wait! Our entire family and his friends are excited for him to be home.

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