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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Homecomings and Birthdays!!

                                                       My son is home!

What an extra HAPPY DAY the 7th of August was! My son returned from deployment and my sweet daughter Vikktorria celebrated her 9th birthday!

I was almost late! I was told by Port Ops that the ship would be pulling in at 2pm. I was so excited. Then the Ombudsman says no it's at 2:45pm. Then I was irritated. The ombudsman was very positive that she was right and Port Ops and no clue what they were talking about. Lesson one-Port Ops is always right.lol!
I had what felt like, so much to do. I had to drive to Elizabeth City first because my tax consultant sent my return there instead of my parents. I decided to stop at my house and see if the packers had packed my cast iron pans. I just had a feeling they were still there.
So first stop, the old house and I ended up rescuing my pans. Then a quick run into my post office to sign papers and over night them to my tax consultant. I was so thankful to get there and get it done. Then of course the kids were hungry so a quick stop at McDonald's then off to meet my friend Melissa and her kids at the Wal-Mart so that she could follow us to the ships homecoming because her husband was on the ship too! I was happy to have company and well it's always exciting to have someone with you that won't wine "I have to go pee, I'm thirsty and it's hot". HAHA!
The hardest part was parking. It's a carrier homecoming so you have like 5000 people and all their families. It was crazy. I was mad because I didn't want to park so far out. We finally parked and as we were walking I could see his ship coming in. I was so happy and so sad. I had wanted to be there not running to get there in time.
But we got there. The kids were so supper excited. I took 372 pictures of the ship coming in and people coming off.
Jamie (my husband) got to see first hand what I go through with all the kids on the pier waiting on him when he would come in. The kids that complain and want it to just be over, the kids that just can't stand still so you end up chasing them and the dreaded its it over yet, where are they....

Well the ship was in and tied and the brow was put up. The Captain called for "All Hands", everyone was getting off the boat and at the same time. The pier was just flooded with Sailors coming down to meet family and friends. All the happy faces, the tears and the ones that just wanted out.

Steve (Melissa's husband) came down the pier and there was Briana, Taylor and Ryan jumping for joy that he was home and off the boat. He's a Air guy. Now my son, he's an Engineer and well they are the last off. So we waited and I swear it was killing Kyle-ha! I had my 7 kids, husband, my dad and 2 of D.J.'s best friends waiting.

Security kept everyone off to the sides but Jamie was able to walk up the pier and find him. Ya I was a bit jealous, haha! But as the crowd began to thin out we finally saw him. Jamie was holding Immanuel and to his side was my D.J. I was so happy and Kyle was just wanting him to hurry up and run to him.ha! So I asked the security guard if my son could go and see his brother. He smiled and said yes. So Kyle took off like a bat out of hell! HAHA!! Followed by the rest of the kids and friends. It was such a happy moment.

So my kids are all back together and happy. I am so thankful for ALL of my kids. The ones I had and the ones that I have inherited. You know, I hear these kids whine and complain and wish each other away and when it happens all they want is each other back. I love it.

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