A day at the zoo!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Stay...

When traveling back home we normally stay at home. This time it's a little more difficult to do.

My parents are awesome. They have a house full of family, that just prooves how awesome they are. They never turn away family, never. I think that has prooven to bite them in the ass.

Originally we too were going to stay there. But today I came to the decsion that it would be too much. With our family being large and so many people already there I just didn't forsee a good out come. There would be no space and only 2 bathrooms. I could very easily stay at my sisters house, she has plenty of space. But it's like 30 min or so from my parents and the base where my husband has to go. So to save on gas and still be with our family I found a nice Inn. It's basically a 2 bedroom appartment. It will be plenty of room with my son staying with my parents (so he can hang out with his couin and Uncle) and my oldest daughter and possibly one other staying at my sisters house cause she's just so cool-lol!
It will all work out. That's what I keep telling myself-lol! I just want to be with my family as much as we can and let everyone still have their space. Not too crazy, right?
I have it all planned out..Pool, park, lots of fun. It will be so nice to spend our time with family and friends. And at the end of the day a place to stay with elbow room-lol!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting the cars ready.

The not so fun part about moving is that all of the cars need to be ready. When you have 3 cars that equals lots of money. Not fun to shell out-lol!

So tonight we had to put tires on the Suburban (a vehicle that sat for 5 yrs, no joke) and the Saturn....$800 later...HUH :(
Then we had to get brakes, drums, pads and rotters for the Suburban (I think that's what they were)....And $300 later.... :(
We replaced the gas tank and fuel pump in the Suburban, ugh! But now it runs like a dream....So I've been told-lol! I really can't wait to drive it :)
I was going to get seat covers but he refuses to let me get the black ones that say FORD on it-LOL!!! So I have to keep shopping around.

Now we have to change the oil and filters in all the vehicles and whatever else it is before you make a long drive. OH, when I say WE I actually mean HE-lol!

I can't believe we are so close to being out of here, YAY!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone?

I have been so busy and it seems like every time I say I'm coming on here I forget what I am doing and then log off my laptop..lol!

Well we are at the last leg of my sons deployment. I am so happy and ready for him to come home.

Yes, that's his ship..The USS Abraham Lincoln and some awesome planes above. He is having a great time out there. He loves it and I am so glad. He did have some moments where he was just flat out tired from all of the work. But he pushed on and did what needed to be done. He makes me so proud. He misses home and all of us here miss him too!

He was lucky enough to see places that not many can say they saw. I just hope he took lots of pictures for his memories and well for me-haha!!

He missed a lot.. Birthday's, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, the other holidays. But he did get to call home. I loved that he called as much as he could. I could always hear how he felt in his voice. It made me sad a couple of times when he called tired and I'd think he was upset. He would reassure me that he was just tired and hadn't gotten much sleep due to his watches and well his job. Proud I tell you!

Well now we will get to make up for all of the missed time :)  I can't wait! Our entire family and his friends are excited for him to be home.