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Friday, September 16, 2011

Even Big Boys Have Mile Stones.

Well today was a very emotional day for me.

My oldest son graduated from Boot Camp this morning and is a very proud member of the US Navy.

Missing his Boot Camp Graduation was so sad. But with kids in school I just couldn't be there. I was thankful that my husband and my father were both there with him today. He was very happy that they were there even though he would have loved for all of us to be there he understood why we couldn't.
FCC Lunsford and our son FN Lunsford (aka..Jamie and D.J.)
My husband was proud to be there with our son. He hasn't seen him since he left for deployment in January. Our son left for boot camp a week before his dad returned. It broke my heart that they were missing eachother and that his dad would possibly miss his graduation due to his underway schedule and Chiefs Pinning Ceremony that he felt he also needed to be there for his fellow Chiefs/Brothers. Thankfully after talking with his CMC they felt it was just as important for him not to miss our sons Graduation.

While they are in Great Lakes, I was in Norfolk celebrating with friends as our friend M.S. was pinned Chief this morning. I was really greatful to be a part of such a joyious occasion. It really was moving and I love being there especially since I missed my husband's pinning because he was underway.

Afterwords I went to my husbands old ship...USS Bulkeley. I had to deliver some bulbs to a freinds husband. I am happy to say I was able to see a few great friends there as well. I needed that. It made me happy especially since I was missing my son.

One thing I love about the military is that we meet so many wonderful people. And even better is that we can go years without seeing eachother (duty station moves) and when we see eachother it's like we pick up where we left off. Our friends are truely great people and I do treasure them because they are our family. I know that my son will meet great people and have great experiences in his journey's. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reality TV...Seriously??

Ok, so for the longest time I was dead set against "Reality TV".  I know, I heard everyone go on about their love for Big Brother and Survivor.. Whatever was all I could think. I couldn't even get through an episode because it was so NOT reality.

Then they began their own version of  Reality TV on The Food Network. This I totally got into because it was cooking. I didn't like take it serious I took it as a contest with free recipes. I was happy.

After or around the same time I then became aware of the shows with the big families. The Duggers, I love! John and Kate plus 8, now by the looks of how the marriage sunk, there was no Reality except that the good christian family were just good at lieing and exploiting their kids. Don't get me wrong, I did watch that show cause I thought the kids were adorable and I still do think they are but to put yourself up there like you could do no wrong and call it Reality....It was obviously just for show. If you want to document your family then get a video recorder like the rest of us.

Then in the recent like, oh 2 yrs I became a fan of The Real Housewives Of NJ.. Now I have seen the other so called Real Housewives shows but I just liked this one best.

Ok so what makes a Real Housewife??? Why are all these so called house wives wealthy? I'm not saying that the wealthy can't be real housewives. But last I checked Nanny's are not on the average housewife's pay roll. And what the hell? You can't put your own make-up on or do your own hair for a party?  It's the same style, layered hair spray! The majority of events I have seen have been catered. I could never do that for one of my kids birthday party's. It may help with not having to do anything except write the check but it takes away from the whole day. Well that must be nice to not have to cook for your family and friends. Now I have seen a couple of them cook but not a lot.I see more drama among the adults that have NOTHING to do with being a housewife but everything to do with having no self control what so ever. I haven't seen a real housewife yet.

You  wanna see a real house wife? Go look in the mirror. Look at your neighbor. We are surrounded by real housewives yet we all prefer to look at the ones on TV. What am I missing? Maybe the fact that we can judge them (even though it's not right) and not worry about hurting ones feelings? Because seriously if you didn't want to be judged then why would you do that to yourself?

I have had people tell me I should have my own TV show because we have a larger than normal family. I often thought no way, but then thought that would be cool. But really, would it be worth putting my family through all of that? I wonder how the Duggers do it...I think I should just leave reality to the here and now.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Nobody Did It!

In a house full of children I often hear the phrase, "I Didn't Do It!"

I say to myself  "with 8 kids, surely someone had to do it." But no, Nobody did it.

I buy a certain amount of snacks for school and home and when they have run out before the next shopping trip I demand to know who ate the last of it.... NOBODY DID IT!!!

The wash was left on hot water and not put to cold... NOBODY DID IT!

Someone launches a toy and it hits someone......NOBODY DID IT!

Someone was stomping up stairs and again..... NOBODY DID IT!

Where are you NOBODY???

Why do you choose to hide from me???

I can remember my dad having this same problem when I was growing up. I remember him saying "When I find Nobody, he's gonna get one hell of an ass whipping." I use to laugh, a lot. Now... I feel his pain and I want Nobody over my knee!